In Douro we found large temperature variations, very hot in summer and too cold in winter.

This region, particularly mountainous, inhospitable and schist soil, forced the vineyards to generate very limited productions in order to survive in the best conditions. Therefore, in the property of Douro the wines are very concentrated, intense and quite atypical, but much appreciated. In this region the population is formed according to the nature; people are simple and hardworking, but quite introverted, because of the isolation and the difficulties imposed by the mountainous region. They are people of few words, but accustomed to action.

The Bairrada, in turn, is a region of contrasts. Situated in the central region, characterized by a temperate climate and mainly clay soils

This feature contributes to our wines in the property of Bairrada have a distinctly fresh and intense character. People are jovial and enthusiastic, but we also find a typical trait of the Portuguese population, translated in connections with melancholy and longing for the past. In the cultivation of vineyards people help each other, moving often to "do" the harvest of the others and regularly gathering in their homes to celebrate the work done and the evolution of the vineyard and life.

The Dão is characterized by soils composed by a great predominance of granite. Its climatic conditions are favorable to the creation of full-bodied and intense flavor wines.

The personality of the people is well known by most Portuguese as "Beirão Temper," designating people of strong temper and constitution, very focused on action. Our wines in the property of Dão have markedly mineral characteristics and are atypical compared to other regions of Portugal. It consists in quite small vineyard plots, such as their productions, which allows relatively old methods like "treading".

Genuinely light and fresh.

As far as its people is concerned, these have young spirit, like to have fun and, above all, enjoy the pleasure of a good conversation with a glass of Vinho Verde or Rose in their hands. And it is precisely this motto we want for our wine.