Colheita 1952

Vinification Process

artial de-stemming and controlled fermentation at 24/28ºC, when must reaches the desired sugar level, fermentation is then interrupted by the addiction of brandy (77%), followed by a minimum maturation period of seven years, in oak wood casks till bottling in our warehouses in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Tasting Notes

Dark brown wine with greenish branch. The Harvest 1952 is a complex and pleasant wine, with a very spicy aroma and a touch of vinagrinho. In the mouth it is very full-bodied and powerful, with an excellent nish.

Douro Region

Country Portugal
Soil Schistous
Alcoholic Contents 20,5% vol.
Total Acidity 5,4 g/dm3 Tartaric Acid
Residual Sugar Content 149 g/dm3
Preservation Bottle Horizontally
Enologist Elisete Beirão

Grape Varieties

Mixture of Old Vines


10 / 12ºC